"Vulnerabilities and Consequences"
unrecognized [unlistd#001]
OUT: Nov. 2nd (Europe) / 3rd (North America) / 4th (Japan) 2009
Formats: 12"/Digital
▶ a1 Solvent: Write Switch
▶ a2 Minisystem: Cheap Thrills
▶ a3 Goudron: One In A Million
▶ b1 Lowfish: Geometry Is Never Wrong
▶ b2 Beta Evers: Schizophrenia
▶ b3 GD Luxxe: Cities


"Vulnerabilities and Consequences" is available directly from us for $10, plus shipping ($9 in North America and $11 elsewhere. For multiple copies, please contact.). All prices in U.S. funds. Payment by Paypal only to: ewong[at]unrecognized[dot]org.
Anna Logue (Germany)
The Ghostly Store / Ghostly International (USA)
Norman Records (UK)
Rotate This (Canada)
Suction Records' Buy-Direct (Canada)
Vulcanoid (France)
Wool-E-Shop (Belgium)
Crosstalk International Distribution (USA)
Fathom Distribution (Canada)

Beta Evers
GD Luxxe

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Norman Records, UK
October 2009

New Canadian label Unrecognized have assembled an allstar electro/electro pop cast for an excellent 12" which kicks off with old Suction dude Solvent with a slightly acidic and emotional electro cut. Jason Amm always manages to channel soul into his machines and his productions sparkle like crystal. Moving on to Minisystem with some euphoric arpeggiated synths and a deliciously hypnotic groove. Then Ersatz artist Goudron offers up a warm electro-pop number that's somewhere between Kraftwerk and Gary Newman. Lowfish drops a futuristic electro stomper reminding me a little of Legowelt. Beta Evers takes things into deliciously dark synth pop terrain, with eerie sci fi synths and paranoid vocal. I must admit I can't get into GD Luxxe's later material as much as his older stuff which I just adore. 'The 21st Door' is a brilliant record no doubt. His track 'Cities' has defiantly grown on me after second listen though. For fans of Ersatz, Clone/ dutch West coast, Suction, Skanfrom etc. 'Vulnerabilities + Consequences' is a promising beginning for the label.

Anna Logue Records, Germany
October 2009 is a new label from Toronto, Canada, founded by Edwin Wong, and when looking at the track list of its first release, one might get the impression that it is about to fill the gap that Suction Records has left when ceasing to exist. So, you will find on here: SOLVENT with a lovely less poppy but more “Solvently one listens” phase-like instrumental piece “Write Switch”; MINISYSTEM, that is Toronto based Jeff Lee with his first vinyl appearance with “Cheap Thrills”, a cool electro track in Bunker Records/Legowelt style; GOUDRON aka Ron Zakrin known from releasing on Ersatz Audio since 2002 with “One in a Million”, a lovely minimalistic electro pop tune that will also appeal to those into minimal synth/wave; LOWFISH with stomping electro track “Geometry is never wrong”, great as always; BETA EVERS that is Brigitte Enzler, well established artist in the electro scene with “Schizophrenia”, dark minimalistic (two chords) synths and cold female vocals about “this voice in my head”; and GD LUXXE with the beautiful dark electro pop killer track “Cities”, Anna’s favourite track on this MLP.

Exclaim!, Canada
November 2009

Obscure electro music enthusiast Edwin Wong presents Vulnerabilities + Consequences on his new Canadian imprint, Unrecognized. Available on twelve-inch vinyl and as a digital download, this six-track compilation starts with Ghostly label artist and Toronto electro-pop pioneer Solvent. "Write Switch" is distinctly Solvent, with his use of gurgling synths and memorable melodies, but with a novel, slightly acidic touch. Noise Factory Record's Minisystem switches from his signature melodic synth pop and turns up the party with "Cheap Thrills," a high-energy electro number with bubbling arpeggios. Detroit's Goudron delivers the robotic and endearing "One in a Million," a nostalgic '80s pop song full of catchy synth melodies. Solvent co-conspirator Lowfish gives us "Geometry Is Never Wrong," a brooding, punishing techno workout. Beta Evers' "Schizophrenia" is a dark, moody vocal track punctuated with sparse, lo-fi beats and eerie analog filter sweeps. GD Luxxe wraps it up with "Cities," a spectral synth pop piece that conjures an unearthly nocturnal metropolis. Vulnerabilities + Consequences is a diverse but promising first release showcasing a solid array of new and established electro talent. (Unrecognized)
Andrea Ayotte

Celluloide, Korea
November 2009

"Vulnerabilities and Capabilities" is a compilation of minimal electronic pop musicians from North America, Canada, Germany, Austria, etc. If you look at Solvent or Lowfish or Minisystem, you can get a feel for what the compilation consists of. It's simple and clean minimal electronic pop. The album carries 6 refreshing songs that flow from one to another flexibly which record the sounds of a drum machine and analog synthesizer that cut the crap yet carry a unique flavor. On top of that, Solvent and Lowfish's songs are newly put together ones that cannot be found in even their recent albums. The album can be purchased online and this is the track listing. In fact I (the author) downloaded the album just now!